Promote Creativity and Innovation

Whether you’re planning a new product, a new business venture or simply brainstorming, here are some tips to help boost creativity and innovation within your business:

Don’t assume the current way is the right way.  Challenge long standing processes that are currently used within your business and promote evolution of new systems and ideas for your business.  Be as innovative as you like.

Ask the questions – what are you doing and why?  Don’t stray from your original mission unless it’s clear the new route will be beneficial.  Always align your tasks with your goals but make sure you assess these regularly so you know what you’re doing and why.  It’s a form of tracking.

The first solution may not be the most effective.  Hurrah you found one!  But don’t stop there.  Refine it to ensure it’s the best solution, test it, put it to use and then adapt it as necessary.

Meet new people in new industries.  It’s amazing what happens beyond your bubble.  Open yourself for new viewpoints and creative avenues that could relate to your business   .. Read More


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