Stop the knowledge drain

Depth of knowledge provides stability in a business.  If you don’t document internal processes, you run the risk of losing critical ‘tribal knowledge’ when an employee leaves.  Quite simply, the knowledge will exit the building.

It’s important that daily business isn’t disrupted or compromised when a team member is absent.  Audit your knowledge assets.  Work with your team to define what each of you does, how you do it and whether it can be done better.  Collaborate, record, optimise and implement the best practice.

Establish who undertakes each process and make procedural documents readily available.  This often begs the question: is the right person doing the job? Perhaps the task could be delegated to someone with more relevant skills, who is more available to perform the task.

Document internal processes to:

  • Minimise risk by following a tried and tested formula                                                       accounting process for ezi accounts
  • Provide consistency between team members
  • Document tricky processes for infrequent jobs
  • Reduce disruption due to staff absence or loss
  • Save time when inducting new team members

It’s important to seek each other’s opinions and suggestions to define the best processes and to empower the team by sharing information and responsibility.

*Business Forward #56

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