Dealing with a dissatisfied customer

A complaint is an opportunity to turn a disgruntled customer into a loyal customer.

  • Act FAST, don’t stew over the complaint
  • Be a good listener and keep your cool                                                           
  • Be positive in your response, the tone of your voice or correspondence must always remain fair and professional
  • Offer several solutions and resolve the problem to THEIR Satisfaction, not yours

Your brand can easily be damaged by one dissatisfied customer.  A happy customer tells one friend.  An unhappy customer tells everybody!  A complaint that is resolved effectively can result in a loyal customer with revived trust in your brand and fresh confidence to buy again, knowing that complaints will be dealt with promptly.

Remember, the customer is always right.  When you receive a complaint, make sure to review the necessary processes, without pointing fingers at staff.  One small change could produce a big improvement.

* Business Forward

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